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Blaze Trailer

"The Blaze"

Our Flagship Model - The Next Generation Aluminium Trailer

The flagship of the Blaze Trailers range, The Blaze Trailer is burning a new path, combining lightweight aluminium materials, decades of Australian design and manufacturing experience and a huge options list to create the ultimate low tare, high payload, work and recreational trailer.

Offering the comfort and convenience of driver-adjustable air suspension, capable of holding 1.6 tonnes, supported by a deck with a load rating of 1,000kg, The Blaze is your ultimate trailer.

Whether it is on the job site working for a living, or heading off road to hit the tracks in the back of beyond, The Blaze is a quality aluminium trailer that’s there with you, meeting the challenges head on, and finding the way through.

Need An Aluminium Trailer to Carry a Big Load?

The Blaze is ready, with room for two full Chep pallets, offering the flexibility of a proven, full-width, Triple M Tray Bodies-built deck, which can be paired with a set of load-rated ladder racks, perfect for a tinnie or a couple of kayaks for a weekend on the water.

Optional Canopy to Protect Your Tools

For those times when you need to keep the weather out, and your belongings or tools in, The Blaze aluminium trailer can also be fitted with a fully-enclosed canopy, with the option of flush-fit windows, letting you relax in the knowledge everything will be right where you left it when you get to your destination.

The Ultimate Aluminium Trailer for Work and Play

Prefer to take some creature comforts when you go off-road? Well, The Blaze has you covered, thanks again to that standard full width deck, slide-on campers fit perfectly into the load area, allowing you to take your home with you wherever you go.

The Blaze can also be fitted with a range of hub sizes, allowing you to match your trailer’s rolling stock to your tow vehicle, so you know there is always a spare tyre ready to fit, no matter where you are.

"The Blaze" - Features

2400 x 1800mm Triple M Truck Bodies standard ute tray with drop-sides
1000kg Maximum Load
Aluminium Chassis
Independent suspension, three options (airbag with shock standard travel, airbag with shocks long travel or Al-ko rubber suspension system)
Several options in wheels, tyres and braking options
Extremely functional and full use of space under deck
Off-road full articulation coupling to suit 50mm tow ball
5 x Aluminium lockable drawers and toolboxes for exceptional storage
Standard with extreme 4WD off-road airbag suspension with 300mm travel
Air compressor and reservoir standard, either fixed or Milwaukee removable
Easy access storage of recovery gear or other items with fold down door at rear
Go anywhere Tradesman or Adventurer’s trailer
Very high approach and departure angles
Suits ruggerdised mine or military applications
Adventure or Trade Anywhere Anytime
Australian Made

Custom Options Available:

Short range travel airbag suspension
Al-ko Independent Rubber Suspension
Ladder Racks
High drop-sides
Square headboard and ladder racks
100L stainless water capacity.
Alloy rims
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