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Blaze Trades Trailer

"The Tradie"

Practicality And Functionality For The Tradesperson​

So, who doesn’t want a Tradie in their life?

The latest from Blaze Trailers is our trades trailer, “The Tradie” is an aluminium tradesman trailer that is built for work and play, with heavy duty performance, and versatility from the lightweight aluminium design.

Offering the best of both worlds, not only is there a 2400 x 1800 Triple M deck or 8’ x 6’ in your old man’s language, but the removable drop sides mean easy access for side or rear forklift loading, and the internal load points and side Rope Rails mean your load isn’t going anywhere.

Trailer Payload

Tradies know that payload is everything. You don’t want to waste time with endless trips to pick up ‘one more thing’. The Tradie tradesman trailer from Blaze Trailers is the one that delivers. And picks up. And delivers. And picks up, the first time, every time.

Aluminium Trades Trailers Built Tough for Australian Conditions

Built on the same rugged chassis as the top of the line Blaze model, this Australian designed and built tradesman trailer is the one that works, and works, and works. Running on proven AL-KO off-road independent suspension, the Blaze Trades trailer can handle the toughest job sites, with an Agility draw bar for maximum manoeuvrability.

We know working away from home puts a lot of demands on you, but The Tradie has your back with a full range of tool boxes, trundle trays and even water tanks. All components are designed and built right here in Australia, so if you need to repair or upgrade, everything is available locally.

Optional Ladder Racks

Need height on your job? Not a problem for The Tradie. Just fit the optional ladder racks, and you have all the reach you need.

Protecting Your Investment

And, of course, protecting your tools and equipment is vital. All Blaze accessory boxes and trays are completely lockable, so the only trails you leave are your wheel tracks!

Not Just a Work Trailer

Like all tradies, The Tradie is versatile and can take on any job. Work all week, but want to get away on the weekend? Then why not load up with your slide-on camper? The Blaze Tradie trailer is designed around a 2400 x 1800 aluminium tray with drop sides, making it an ideal trailer for slide on campers, so you can have a relaxing weekend away.

"The Tradie" - Features

2400 x 1800mm Triple M Truck Bodies standard ute tray with drop-sides
1000kg Maximum Load
Aluminium Chassis
Al-ko Independent Rubber Suspension as standard

Custom Options Available:

Ladder Racks
High drop-sides
Side tool boxes
Side water tanks
Side Steps
Tail light protectors
Rear Trundle tray in various length
Square headboard and ladder racks
Air compressor and reservoir
14” or 15” steel wheels
Alloy rims
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