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Blaze Nano Trailer

"The Nano"

Our Smallest And Lightest Trailer

Nano, Nano! That’s the word on everyone’s lips when you are looking for a lightweight trailer. You want an aluminium trailer that’s durable and easy to move, while still giving you enough space for everything you need to explore your great unknown!

The latest product release from leading Australian manufacturer Blaze Trailers, the 4’ x 4’ Nano trailer shares the same intelligent low floor design as the rugged ‘Thommo’ trailer, making it one of the most user-friendly, low tare, Australian-built trailers on the market.

Lightweight Trailer That Can Be Towed By Most Cars

With a total mass of 750kg, The Nano can be towed by most popular small and medium cars and SUVs, making it the trailer of choice for everyone needing a versatile narrow box trailer that can grow and change with your needs.

Starting with the traditional Aussie 6’x3.5’ (1800 x 1060) ‘boxie’, complete with load restraint points and tie-down rails, The Nano is best suited for vehicles with a narrow wheel base like the Suzuki Jimny. Making that off-road expereience on the sand safe and simple as your trailer is made to suit you. 

The Nano can also be fitted with a range of hub sizes, allowing you to match your trailer’s rolling stock to your tow vehicle, so you know there is always a spare tyre ready to fit, no matter where you are.

Low Floor For Easy Access and Usability

Motorbike riders love the low floor, making loading and unloading of equipment, including ride-on lawnmowers, an absolute dream, while the tailgate is detachable giving the capability Aussies love in their domestic trailers. Whether it’s carrying soil or turf, or doing the dump run at the end of a weekend clean-up, the Nano is a great option.

And when it is time for The Next Big Trip, the Nano is the smart choice, equipped with optional ladder racks, it can hold kayaks or even a roof-top tent, up above the bikes and camping gear.

Lightweight Trailer That One Person Can Move

Best of all, once the day is done and it is time to put the trailer away for safekeeping, the Blaze Trailers ‘Agility’ draw bar, combined with the Nano’s low tare weight, means it can be moved by one person, and pushed away behind the gates, ready for next time.

"The Nano" - Features

Last a life time
Deck area 1800 x 1060, Able to fit small pallets
Extreme light weight trailer at under 150kg
Main chassis aluminium
Main structure aluminium
Steel Rims Standard
Rear drop side
Side tool box, storage areas, with deep and shallow sections
LED water proof tail lights
Al-ko independent suspension
Alloy 13” wheels options available
Internal tie down strips along each side
Ideal for loading motor bikes, trail bikes, lawn mowers and other small vehicles

Custom Options Available:

Ladder Racks front and rear
Alloy Rims
Jockey Wheel
Off Road coupling
Spare wheel

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Blaze Nano Trailer with Dune rooftop tent and thule storage box. Compact, lightweight and ready for off road adventures.
Blaze Nano Trailer showing Dune rooftop tent folded out, and an open thule storage box.
Right front view of a Blaze Nano trailer attached to a suzuki jimny. Lightweight aluminium trailer for easy towing
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