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Quality Aluminium Trailers That Are Not Cheap

The Last Trailer You'll Buy!

Light Weight - Extremely Functional - Maximum Use of Space

Blaze Nano Trailer

"The Nano"
Our smallest and lightest aluminium trailer

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Blaze Trades Trailer

"The Tradie"
Ideal trailer for any tradesman

Find The Right Trailer For You

Not sure which trailer you need?

The team at Blaze Trailers is always happy to chat to find the best trailer for you that is within your budget

Modular Aluminium Trailers Design

Tailored to your specifications

At Blaze Trailers, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional quality aluminium trailers. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we are fast becoming a market leader in the custom tailer industry.

Our experienced team of engineers design and build trailers from the ground up, making them both durable and functional.

We use high grade aluminium materials, combined with precise craftsmanship ensures that each trailer is strong, but also lightweight. This makes them ideal for a range of applications. Whether you’re looking for a simple aluminium 6×4 box trailer, a fully optioned aluminium tradesman trailer, or custom off road trailer, we’ve got a solution to suit. But, if there’s something special that you need, we have the expertise to design and build an aluminium trailer to meet your requirements.

blaze aluminium trailer with ample storage and lots of options
Nano Creations and Blaze Trailers Innovations Award Winner 2023

Why Choose Us

We are a trustworthy family business where the needs of the customer comes first

At Blaze Trailers we have a team of dedicated people who have decades of combined designing and manufacturing experience. We don’t believe in “too hard” or “can’t do”.

Our team always has a “Can Do” attitude so that we can make your dream tralier a reality. There is always a way to get it done.

That’s what sets us apart form your average tralier manufacturer. As a family run business based on the Gold Coast, we do everything possible to be helpful, and believe in finding the best outcomes for our customers, partners and ourselves.

Proudly Australian Made and Designed For Australian Conditions

100% Australian Made

We all know how vast the Australian continent is and how harsh the Australian environment and conditions can be. Whether you are looking for a simple 6×4 box trailer, or a fully outfitted Off-Road Adventure Trailer, we have an Australian Made Trailer solution to suit every purpose. Each Blaze Trailers Model is designed to cope with anything this wild country can throw at them.  We use only the highest quality aluminium so that our trailers are lightweight, durable and won’t corrode.

Key Team Members

Peter Thompson


Mark Pieterse

Senior Fitter & Foreman

David Thompson

Lead Designer & Operations Manager

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