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About Blaze Trailers

Why Blaze Trailers Exists

Peter, the founder, has always had a desire for functional and long-lasting design of anything mechanical, at a fair price.

He does not like seeing things manufactured that need replacing sooner than they should if the item was designed properly with the right materials in the first place. This way there is a lot less waste in the world.

Drawing on three generations of Australian design and manufacturing trays, trailers and ancillary equipment for commercial vehicles, Blaze Trailers is an exciting new venture spearheaded by Peter Thomson, who cut his teeth in the family business Triple M Tray Bodies.

Blaze Trailers was established from the Research and Development company Nano Creations, also started by Peter, who has spent three years going through many variations in innovative trailer and trailer suspension designs.

Peter Gene and David Family owned Blaze trailers 3 generations of aluminium trailer builders gold coast and Brisbane
Peter, Gene and David

Our Vision and Values

At Blaze Trailers we develop best of breed, systemised trailers that are designed to function as efficiently and practically as possible, as well as lasting a life-time. We strive to connect with our customers through getting a deeper understanding of our client’s needs and desires for functional trailers based on the individual needs of each client.

Our core values are:

  • Blaze Trailers is Helpful
  • Blaze Trailers has a Can Do Attitude
  • Blaze Trailers wants the Best Outcomes for Customers, Partners, and Ourselves

Our Brief

Our brief was quite different from standard trailer manufacture.

“Develop a trailer system that can be adapted from a very basic trailer, through to full military off-road specification, with long-travel suspension models.”

As part of this process, we developed our innovative flagship suspension system that travels just over 300mm.

All of our trailers are light weight and designed to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance to be done. Basically just keep the bearings lubricated.

Practicality And Productivity

Not only are our trailers built to last a lifetime, but we also focus on designs that enhance functionality, practicality and productivity. The modular designs ensure you can get to the things you need when you need them, which saves time and increases your productivity.

Having the trailer use a modular design allows for flexibility of purpose. We can customise solutions for a specific purpose. If you want an aluminium 6×4 box trailer, or an aluminium 8×6 trailer, a trade trailer with tool boxes and canopy, or a complete off-road camper trailer, we have the expertise and ability to provide you a solution that you want.


Peter initially took inspiration from seeing the aluminium trailer his father built in 1974. It’s been towed around Australia several times and is still going strong today. Proving just how robust and strong aluminium trailers are! 

Harnessing decades of experience in creating lightweight, durable, aluminium trays, Peter and next generation designer, David, Blaze Trailers is creating a dynamic range of trailers, canopies and accessories fit for the rigours of the Australian market.

We are proud to be a third generation trailer building family.

Aluminium trailer built in 1974

Let's Chat

If you’d like to know more about us or have questions about our designs, please reach out through our Contact Us page or clicking the link below. We are passionate and excited about aluminium trailer designs and would love to chat!

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