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Blaze Toy Hauler and Flatbed Trailer

"Taking the Fun with you"

Blaze Trailers is anouncing the Toy Hauler and Flatbed trailer range availble to take your next adventure to the next level. Be ready to customise your trailer for the days of fun ahead. Fitted with a full deck so you can stand on top of your trailer with your load and not have to worry about slippery conditions on the ground. The Blaze Toy Hauler and Flatbed Trailers are coming to a place near you. Be ready to see your trailer fitted to you.

Supporting Australian Suppliers and Manufacturers

Our extensive accessory list is all Australian made, including jockey wheels, winches and couplings, so you are supporting local manufacturing all the way down the line. The trailer can also be fitted with a wide range of hubs and wheel sizes to ensure your trailer can have the same tire as the tow vehicle. This way no matter what happens you have piece of mind where ever you go.

Fitting On Site

The Blaze Team are avaialble to assist with your first fitting of your toys and adventure craft. With a maximum trailer width of 2.5m on Australian Roads. Customers whom want two jetskis on board are to ensure that the width of your craft doesn’t exceed 1240mm to leave a little wiggle room for loading.

Remember to get in contact with the Blaze Trailers Team to get your trailer all fired up.

"Customised to You"

All Aluminium Drawbar
Full Deck and Side Loading points Standard
Independent AL-KO marinised suspension
Submersible tail lights
Low Line Suspension Available
Australian Made

Custom Options Available:

Storage and Roof Rack System Available
Dual Jetski Fitout Available
Contact Team for Further Options
Australian-made Blaze Toy Hauler and Flatbed Trailer designed for outdoor adventures
Australian-made, Custom fit flatbed trailer solutions
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